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Following the festival premiere of Last of the Right Whales in Fall 2021, a year-long impact campaign will launch across North America in collaboration with our outreach partners: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Canadian Whale Institute and Oceans North.  The campaign will support three main goals for the protection of North Atlantic right whales (NARW): reducing entanglements, preventing ship strikes and increasing public awareness about this critically endangered species.

Last of the Right Whales will be used to engage stakeholders – fishers, boaters, retailers, shipping and cruise lines as well as consumers – in discussions about what we can each do to ensure the survival of this great whale facing extinction.

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    • The story of these whales and their babies will break your heart - but their ability to inspire wonder and action to save them will help mend it again. This beautiful film takes us on a journey with the whales and shows how the fate of the North Atlantic right whale rests in the hands of all of us. Sierra Club Canada Foundation has fought for the survival of these whales for decades, and this film gives me new hope that we will be able to protect the remaining 360 right whales and their ocean home.

      Gretchen Fitzgerald, National Programs Director, Sierra Club Canada Foundation

    • From arresting first shot to final frame, Last of the Right Whales captures the urgent effort to save our planet’s most endangered great whale. Told in stunning footage and gripping narrative, this is a story of human activities killing a marine species and valiant scientists, campaigners, fishermen and mariners rushing to save them before it’s too late. A film that inspires, summons the viewer to action and somehow ‘midst a sea of troubles manages to sound a note of hope. Don’t miss it.

      Patrick Ramage, Senior Advisor, IFAW

    • While many people have probably heard of the plight that North Atlantic Right Whales and fish harvesters are facing, most do not really understand how serious this situation is. It’s difficult because it does not directly affect the average person and they may never have even seen a live right whale. This documentary solves that issue. It gets to the heart of the problem and quickly draws its viewers into the desperate need for a solution. The footage of the whales, the stories of the people involved, and images of people reacting to the whales both with joy and sorrow, is particularly powerful. It’s a great story and emotively drives home the truth that we cannot assume we do not affect (or harm) the world around us.

      Sean Brilliant, PhD, Senior Conservation Biologist, Marine Programs, Canadian Wildlife Federation

    • Last of the Right Whales unfolds the heart-wrenching story of the critically endangered North Atlantic right whales with captivating footage of the whales interwoven with the efforts of lobster and snow crab fishers, scientists, conservations and shippers, in their work to protect the whales without jeopardizing the livelihoods on which so many depend. If they have any say, these are not going to be the last of the right whales.

      Sebastian Teunissen, Executive Director, Canadian Whale Institute

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